What is a Garden Home?

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What is a Garden Home?

Wes Pool Classic Homes specializes in building Luxury, Adult Lifestyle Garden Homes, also called "Patio" Homes or "Zero Lot Line" Homes, because of two unique characteristics they possess:

  Low Maintenance  


       Luxury Garden Homes, instead of being centered on the property as is typical, are actually positioned directly on the side of the property line. The side of the home that is positioned on the property line is called the "zero wall" because it rests zero distance from the side property line. There are no windows or doors on the zero wall, therefore it actually acts as a privacy wall between neighbors. Because there is a gated driveway between each home, the zero wall and the walls of your home create a courtyard effect. With this drive located on the same side of each home down the whole block, and with no shared walls, a look of architectural kinship develops for the streetscape. Therefore a sense of continuity is created and a unique neighborhood look and feel starts to emerge. Your house is highlighted by your neighbors home and vice-versa thus creating a theme for the neighborhood. What is a Themed Neighborhood?



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